Invizij Architects.


This project involves the adaptive reuse of a former nightclub and rooming house in east Hamilton, creating affordable apartments and a mixed-use commercial community development centre.  Homestead Christian Care, based in Hamilton, provides affordable housing and supports.

The 3,023m2 renovation and addition of the existing building completely removed the building envelope, adapted the existing building structure, and added a third storey.  A prominent feature in the design is the presence of light penetrating through the centre of the building from a 37m2 light well, illuminating the apartment corridors and the ground floor atrium.  The apartments were designed to maximize residents’ experience of light and openness—important characteristics for improving mental wellbeing.


One important aspect of the building is energy efficiency, as the facility is designed to be 41% more efficient than a standard baseline building. Another important feature was Accessibility, demonstrated in the 8 barrier-free apartment units and various provisions throughout the facility. The ground floor and lower level community development centre were designed with flexibility in uses, including a bike co-op.


CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing) Project Profile on the Perkins Centre.


Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Completion: 2012
Client: Homestead Christian Care
Cost: $4,263,000
Architect: Invizij Architects
Project Architect: Grace Wang

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