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The Harvey Woods Knitting Mill was a major long-time employer in Woodstock, Ontario. Beginning in 1918, along with several additions, the three-storey solid brick factory created socks, hosiery & underwear until is closure in 1990. The building remained vacant until Indwell purchased it in 2012 to create affordable housing for the Woodstock community.

Phase One of the project included 54 one-bedroom apartments. Much of the original building’s structure remains visible including the original maple floors, wood columns, and steel beams. The original brick facades will remain untouched with the exception of high-performance windows and a new entry & elevator. The centre of the building will be carved out to create a three-storey atrium with a large skylight with shared light to the residential corridors.

The building is super-energy efficient and includes a geothermal well system for both heating and cooling.

Phase Two of this project is currently under development and includes an addition with another 26 apartments.

CMHC Project Profile about Harvey Woods Lofts.


Location: Woodstock, Ontario
Completion: May 2015
Client: Indwell
Cost: $6,520,000 GMP

Photo credit: George Qua-Enoo

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