Invizij Architects.

Centre de sante Communautaire - Hamilton site

Centre De Sante Communautaire Hamilton Niagara (CSCHN) provides essential services including primary health care, health and wellness programs, a diabetes education program, dental services, adult and children’s mental health programs, violence prevention programs, and programs for newcomers.
The objective of this project was to renovate and transform a 15,000ft2,1970's era concrete structure into a modern and welcoming community health and wellness facility. The renovated building is AODA compliant, energy efficient, bright, durable, easy to navigate, and meets the current infection control standards.
The project follows the CSA Standards for Infection Control CSA Z317.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Cost: $2,000,000
Client: Centre De Sante Communautaire Hamilton Niagara
Completion: 2014
Architect: Invizij Architects
Project Team: Grace Wang (principal-in-charge)

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