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McMaster University, University Hall Accessibility Improvements

The original University Hall was set up on a plinth several steps above grade, making barrier-free accessibility a challenge. The exploration of options to provide a barrier-free point of access to the building determined that a new elevator and entrance be provided. The new access location was chosen to preserve the historical and architectural significance of existing entrances while serving existing patterns of pedestrian movement.

New rock-face stone cladding was specified for the addition to match the existing building. Cut-stone details of the addition were designed to replicate existing configurations. Some existing cut-stone elements were salvaged from the existing building and re-installed in the facade of the new addition.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Completed: 1991
Client: McMaster University
Cost: $537,000 (1991)
Architect: Trevor P. Garwood-Jones
Project Manager: Ross Hanham

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