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The Dundas Valley School of Art is an independent, not-for-profit school, serving the Greater Hamilton Region since 1967. The school is a leader in the cultural development of the region and plays a vital role in the art education of the community. Located in the village of Dundas, the original building dated 1836, was formerly known as Canada Screw Works. This building, along with an 1941 addition, was in need of  a complete renovation to bring the facility up to energy, code, and accessibility standards, and to give a new face to this important anchor for artists and art students.


Inside the 2,253m2 renovated building are studio space for ceramics, drawing, jewelry, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture, an extensive library, a community art gallery, café, and a large loft space with beamed ceiling suitable for large events and performances. In addition, the building has a new elevator, a new dramatic entrance, a new roof, a new air conditioning & heating system and all new doors and windows which complement the historic neo-Georgian nature of the building. The intention in the renovations was to completely upgrade the art school facility, while at the same time respecting the existing premises in material, texture, and finish.


Award: 2012 Heritage Property Recognition Award, Hamilton Municipal Heritage Committee

Award: 2013 Hamilton Urban Design & Architecture Award, Merit in Heritage Conservation


Location: Dundas, Ontario
Completed: 2012
Client: Dundas Valley School of Art
Cost: $4,181,000
Architect: Invizij Architects
Project Architect: Grace Wang

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