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GO Transit Station Renovation

This project included a complete restoration and renovation of the former Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Station to provide a new intermodal transit station in the City of Hamilton for the Government of Ontario (GO) Transit System. The 1933 Art Moderne Building is historically designated under the Federal Heritage Railway Stations Protection Act.

An extensive upgrading of the building envelope, life safety features and mechanical/electrical services as well as barrier-free accessibility provisions was designed while faithfully protecting, replicating, and restoring the heritage elements of the existing building.

Building envelope restoration included a nationally-advertised search for limestone cladding to match existing since the original Queenston limestone quarries had been exhausted. Replacement material was required for stones which had spalled due to corrosion of existing shelf angles. All existing stones to be maintained were removed and catalogued for re-installation. The existing back-up wall was removed and replaced with new air-vapour barrier and corrosion-resistant shelf angles and veneer anchors.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Completed: 1996
Client: The Government of Ontario Transit System
Cost: $14,100,000
Architect: Trevor P. Garwood-Jones
Project Manager: Ross Hanham

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