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Hamilton Emergency Services Station 1

The intent of this project was to raise the environmental quality of the existing Station No. 1 to meet current Hamilton Emergency Services facility standards through renovation of the existing building and site. The end result supports the operational and facility management requirements of Hamilton Emergency Services.

Some of the important issues resolved include:

  • Integration of Emergency Medical Services into the existing facility.
  • Upgrading of accommodations especially as required for female emergency services workers.
  • Addressing structural concerns
  • Upgrading of exterior building envelope with respect to thermal and moisture protection.
  • Improvement of community accessibility including new public entrance and safe/refuge areas.

Some constraints that shaped the design include:

  • Inability of the site size to accommodate building expansion.
  • Proximity of the existing building to the existing street, and the historic protection of the John Street facade.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Completed: 2005
Client: Hamilton Emergency Services
Cost: $3,170,000 (2002)
Architect: Garwood-Jones & Hanham
Partner-In-Charge: Ross Hanham

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