Invizij Architects.


At Invizij, we endeavour to provide our Clients with functional, elegant buildings that stand the test of time.

First, we look and listen. Then, using our extensive experience, we develop designs which support and sustain our Clients' functional needs and aspirations, while balancing economic and environmental considerations. The results demonstrate that the constraints of cost, time and resources can be managed without compromising quality.

Our building designs are highly functional, imaginative and exciting, inspiring those who use and visit them.

Meeting Functional Requirements
Design should be preceded and concluded with research and investigation. It should be the result of a participatory, collaborative and consultative process to ensure responsiveness to user needs.

A building’s purpose and organization must be identifiable and visible through clearly understandable design elements and arrangement of functional components. The design must express the vision and mission of the building’s owners and users.

Meeting Budgets + Schedules
We regard cost and schedule control as inspiration for ingenious solutions and methodologies. We believe in quality-driven design solutions that result in low operating costs by incorporating resilient, durable components and systems that are easy to understand, operate and maintain. We cautiously use new technologies.

Being Respectful
Design must be responsive to the site and surrounding community. Solutions should respect existing conditions of cultural and historical sensitivity and significance. We strive to achieve appropriate solutions that reinforce existing positive qualities and overcome negative situations.

Design must optimize the use of increasingly scarce global resources in environmentally appropriate energy-efficient solutions.

Creating Human Environments
Design solutions must be flexible and adaptable. Buildings should be open, friendly, warm and inviting. We endeavour to create healthy, safe and secure environments that recognize the diversity of users and are accessible to all.

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